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Brass CPVC Inserts Supplier
October 28, 2023
Brass CPVC Insert Manufacturer, Brass CPVC Insert Supplier
Brass CPVC Insert Supplier
November 2, 2023
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Brass PPR Inserts Manufacturer, Brass PPR Inserts Supplier

Brass PPR Inserts Supplier

Shubham Brass Industries is a reliable Brass PPR Inserts Supplier and Manufacturer in India. We are also a producer of Brass Flare FittingsBrass InsertsBrass Cable Glands, and other Brass fittings.

PPR, or Polypropylene Random Copolymer, is a tough and intensity-safe plastic broadly utilized in piping systems. Brass PPR inserts reinforce associations in these systems, guaranteeing a life span. Determined specialists create them with premium brass and current methods.

  • Min Order Quantity: 3000 Piece(s)


Applications Across Various Industries:

From residential plumbing systems to complex networks within industrial applications, brass PPR inserts find usage across a myriad of sectors, thanks to their unparalleled reliability and effectiveness.

  • Residential Plumbing: Ensuring homes are safe from leakages and plumbing failures.
  • Industrial Applications: Offering sturdy solutions in various industries like chemicals, food processing, and more where reliable piping is paramount.
  • Agricultural Sector: Assisting in creating robust irrigation systems that stand the test of time.

In a world that is perpetually moving towards mechanical headways and creative arrangements, guaranteeing that even the most basic parts like our pipes systems are powerful as well as furnished with the best fittings is basic. Thus, put resources into brass PPR inserts and step into a world where quality, toughness, and dependability stream as a unified whole.


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Shubham Brass Industries.

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Address: Plot No. 4072, Road No. I, G I D C Phase 3, Dared, Jamnagar – 361004, Gujarat, India

Telephone+91 958 636 8218

E-mail: [email protected].

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